Who Knows The Word "CS"?


i found out new vocabulary in my brain.
who knows this vocab?
this is really a close problem to who smokes.
by the way i do smoke, but only in my room.
or sometimes in the place where we can drink.

well the word CS stands for
chemical hypersensitive with tabacoo.
the anaphylaxis from injection also is one of the hypersensitive.

this CS goes like this.
a casual smoke makes people die.
this reaction is not like poisons that comes right after you get it.
it comes out after the long-time-adoption.
and the symptom is verrrry severe.
also if the first symptom comes out, it comes out instantly just because you feel the somke.
(this is like hay fever, isn't it?)

some people be nervous to nicotine.
this nicotine floats not in just the smoke but outside of the smoke, so if that stickes to your skin, indication comes out to your skin, for example, hives.

however, very few people know, so some may say "that's just becasuse you hate it."
or, "it's just an smoke, tolerate!" or, "that's a spiritual one." and so on.
if it's endurable, no one will say that.
CS is not a thing that people can put up with, it it a obvious illness.
if you tolerate, you'll die.

it is indeed a impossible thing not to breathe smoke.
you can't go in to city, game center, cafe, and so on.
this is a symptom that their body can't tolerate, not their mind.

some place are separating the smoking and non-smoking completely.
some place forbid to smoke while walking.

unreasonable refusal of tabacoo-hateness is "intolerable" for me but the attempt,
* for the one who don't have any manner
* for the one who suffer from smoke's chemical hypersensitive
* and for the clean environment.

well, i wonder, to one who smoke all the time.
is it tastes good smoking all the time, or smoking when you feel irritated??
"you're dependenced"
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walking around below the heavy cloud

what a gloomy day today was!!
good evening.
the number of putting up my blog per week is getting less.
i have 2 more blogs in japanese, so it's an hard task to do it all.

now i'm drinking coffee that was just made,
listening to music,
and waiting for the bath tub to be 2/3 full.
today, i'm planning to read there.
this makes a really good effect for relaxation.

i know many people have their own my-relaxation-way.
i wonder how other people in other countries do to relax themselves.
in the UK, aroma bath is very common.
in India, aroma oil and incence.
some drink alcohol, some go out and watch something.
some mountain places like Nepal and Bhutan drink tea.
these are all possible things to buy in Japan.

how easy to buy things from all over has become!
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up up.....you sure?

the proverty line is in the dead end,
below a dollar a day is still high,
number of people left to live is increasing second by second,
the amount of the riches who gets the money are higher, higher.

we wisper to the world to let the poor get the money.
we scream to the government for higher salary.
there are NGOs and student groups taking action for the developing countries.
they say, we want to help the poor people.
the word "poor" makes the situation worse.
so, they help them.
give money.
give people.

i scarecely hear students and others say "first, stabilize".
uh...which should be first?
give or stable.
if given, peace comes?
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changing little by little, and doing it again

i've been out in the woods hiking.
i've been to Okutama, where the red leaves are so beautiful in fall.
画像 047コピー.jpg
although the green trees were still strong,
a little bit of orange, red, and yellew were made in some trees.
there were no tourists, very few cars, and many wild creatures.
you'll be amazed to see how few the people there are,
and the silence spreads in this place, if you've never been to suburbs.

i found some irony in this place, you know.
the trees in the woods.
they starts to be green like a bacteria propagate it's child.
they used all their energy by the fall and became different colors.
they become all red in the end.
and there'll be a tree without any leaves hanging on it.
it's like some people screaming their personality.
after being all the same during school, they shout for itself's existence.
but they still are the same in the bigger range.
and they return to the same place, into a group.
ha. we're made to live in groups and we need to make an rule to conduct it's presence.
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good evening.
few(11) hours ago, i got cold.
some of my colleagues saw me with a sleppy eye, severe nasal inflammation, and hands full of tissue. the cold i got was today's morning, when i was on the train headed for school. haha. what a wonderful experience. i experienced, how we get cold.
FIRST : my left eye started crying.
SECOND : my nose itched and sniveled.
THIRD : i thought this was just an allergy, because i'm allergic to dust.
BUT : my nose got stuffed up like the symptom of getting cold.
FOURTH : got chilly. still my left eye kept crying.(←is this a reaction of allergy?)
FINALLY : feverish

whoa. that was my remark about today.
these days i was being busy for some reason, the long-term Kyu-Do match that lasts for more than a month had finished last week, and the merry feeling of this week's long vacation might gave me some lassitude. from this crack, the virus must have came into my body :(

my well-balanced health was broken today.
ha. isn't this like a system in international politics?
before was the mono-like state relationship but now is cause and effect that is soooo complicated.
if we neglect our root of being healthy, because the health can't be stable without our attention, it may collapse very easily.
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when i skip class and read books outside, nine o'clock

today in the morning, i saw the blue sky from my room's window.
it is a very beautiful day.
we japanese call it Aki-bale.

the problem i faced that moment was...
so here i am in the computer room typing.
before, i was outside and reading some books.

i prefer to read classic foreign books.
Dostovesky, Goethe, Salinger, Dumas and so on.
i, in the past, liked japanese classic literature.
never looked for other country's books.
Dazai, Shiga, Miyazawa, Inoue and so on.
however, when i finished reading most of the famous ones,
i got bored, or say, i couldn't get satisfied with it.
so i moved my foot to the foreign books corner.

why can't i read recent ones?
i don't like new thing because many people grabs it.
when i go to the book shop, i see lots of ads taped on or posters on the wall that's singing like a bird, this is great.
hey wait.
why can't we walk around and look by ourselves.
and by just reading those, i thought i can't find out what kind of books, nor author's expression i like.
look out for books with no prior knowledge, sometimes buy things you don't like.
that is one of the state of feelings.

isn't this applies to choosing your oun way?
there is some hits but some failure.
but if we came here choosing yourself, why do you get so upset.
if you don' know, just look for it.
there is plenty of information, some may be inteligence, some may be fake.
if foreigners came and troubles came out, look at other country.
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♪cha cha cha♪

it's been more than 3 months when my e-dictionary went wrong.
so, i have no way to look up in them and ask,
"am i using the right english?"
or, let's say....
"am i ?speaking right?"
(oh, there's no right nor wrong in speaking.lol)

one of my hobby is drinking.
hey wait, NOT ALCHOHOL.
it is drinking many kinds of tea.
now, i'm drinking green tea.
it's really a cheap one so i've already drank more than 2 litters.

i go non stop when i have something to drink in my hand.
the only good one is that i don't drink sweetie things.
(if not, i'll get too many calories)

in my tea collection cupboard, there are...
japanese, chinese, herb tea, and coffee.
in each chamber,
j→ genmai, mugi, green, maccha, houji tea.
c→ 2 kinds of woolong, 1 jasmine, 1 kannon, pooarl tea.
e→ 5 kinds of herb tea
and some coffee, blue mountain, colombia, and moca.
i'm now wanting to try tibet, morocco, and india.
t→su-cha (butter tea)
m→mint tea
i→chai and spice tea

su-cha, mint, and chai are the ones that i want to try at least once.
but others are my daily.

all have different tase and smell,
but all have the same reaction to our body.
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?diversity in our body?

today i want to talk about the field in our body.

all might know the word, colon bacillius, O157.
0157 is a new comer to our ears and our body.
yes it is indeed a newcomer.
(they came into our body and was discovered in 1982)
they came into our body and starts to breed.
the symptom is, well, we know what'll happen.
"Rush To The Toilet"

however, our stomach is not as clean as any building.
there are so many bacteria and worms.
this, newcomer, were attacked because it was well balanced before they came.(=the foodchain got ruined.)

the world of bacteria and other tiny creachers, is very hard to exist.
so, what O157 did was to reinforce it's breeding ability,
able to leave it's offspring easier then other colon bacillius.

now they are able to live inside our body without being attacked.
because they themselves learned that too many colleage staying in the same body will make their home distroyed very fast and loose it's home so soon.

well, where is the difference between the movie we saw?
did the bacteria became a same shape, same kind??
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Hello From Kyu-Do

most of my classmates know i do japanese archery, called Kyu-Do.
well today, we had our activity at Meiji Jingu.
this place is the headquarter in kanto area.

Meiji Jingu is a large area so the access is convenient.
also a neighbor to Harajuku, Shibuya, and Shinjuku.
because this convenience and holding some long bow,
we are prominent, mostly to tourists from foreign countries.

this is what happened today after the activity.
me and my Kyu-Do company got on the train from Yoyogi.
Spanish guys where there.
ofcourse they gaze this wierd teens carrying a long thing.
they asked about what we're holding.
well, they didn't speak japanese nor english.
so we communicated only by our body language.
it was a difficult task, because we're used to using language, not body.
but both of us were watching very carefully to know what each other are trying to tell.
that was a wonderful experience,
to get to know a person who don't speak any language you know.

it's a secret that i take spanish for second foreign laguage
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Are We The Waiting

i talked about what might happen when we all get together.
i happen to recall a phrase,

"ethics and language,
at last,
were resolved into an simple,
very very easy expression."---Jean Arthur Rimbaud

i think it is getting to a simple, but not primitive world.
annex, merger, accociation etc.
but why there is so many complicated matter?
conflict, dissociation, division etc.

because humans has a complicated mind.
we want the casuality described easily.
but we don't want ourselvs tagged as the above.

do you know what Budda said?
"walk in solitude, no evil deed, few wish, like an elephant in the forest"
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